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skin-inject™ DNC Derma Roller utilises 600 gamma-sterilised, surgical-grade stainless steel micro needles with patented Disc Needle Care technology to rejuvenate, regenerate and revitalise the skin’s own natural healing response. Ten independantly rotating discs with an advanced silicone suspension system provide the most comfortable and beneficial treatment possible, whilst reducing procedure downtime.

skin-inject™ DNC Derma Roller devices have been designed to address the visual management of:

-Skin Rejuvenation

-Topical product infusion


-Pigmentation/UV damage



-Enlarged pores/Seborrhoea



As the stainless steel needles penetrate, they create a natural skin reaction where tiny electrical signals are released. This creates a chain of events where essential minerals, proteins and new collagen and elastin fibres are discharged and regenerated. After a course of treatments, the skin is visibly revitalised, rejuvenated, replenished and regenerated.

Below are the before and after pictures of our clients that suffered from severe scarring, acne and stretchmarks.

After 6 professional treatments with the skin-inject the clients skin have changed dramatically.